We are looking for User Researcher who is concerned with UX, or the user experience. The role, which can span multiple industries while focused on understanding a target audience and how to interact with a particular product or service.


  • Research user requirements as well as process websites flow.
  • Execute usability research for both online as well as in field.
  • Provide recommendations for enhancement as required.
  • Conduct expert proposed online solutions reviews.
  • Review leveraging before experience to correctly predict user difficulty plus frustration areas.
  • Develop and prioritize recommendations on basis of evidenced-based findings.
  • Ensure to execute activities as user advocate at every organization level.
  • Perform as user’s voice while product design sessions.
  • Contribute actively to User Experience Research knowledgebase through sharing data plus reports with product, UX, development and various teams.
  • Perform closely with user experience director to maximize institutionalization of user-experience research throughout organization.
  • Design and perform user research for software and hardware of services and mobile phones with representative users.
  • Utilize extensive tool box of quantitative and qualitative procedures preferred inclusive of field research.
  • Perform as key person on different concurrent user research projects.
  • Design and implement user research studies as well as usability tests from scratch.
  • Record as well as publicize user research outcomes in steady manner.


  • At least one-year UX research experience or relevent roles
  • Bachelor’s or MS in a human behavior related field (or equivalent and demonstrable work experience)
  • Ability to quickly and effectively share research results
  • Ability to perform all research-related tasks including research, planning, evaluating, and iteration
  • Ability to formulate specific, answerable, and practical questions
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with stakeholders, product manager and act as a strategic partner in product decisions
  • Experience with remote testing tools
  • A strong desire for creative problem-solving with a positive attitude
  • Excellent time-management skills